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Testimonies media


“I can’t begin to explain how grateful we are for Addison’s IPad! Who knew a simple electronic device could help so much with taking cancer and sickness off of a child’s mind?! Even on her worst days, she wants her tablet! She loves it so much (too much sometimes…LOL) that we have to make her turn it off so she can go to bed! Lol! Your foundation made Addie’s treatment at times more bearable if that makes sense! How can you really even use the words “cancer” and “bearable” in the same sentence right?! But that iPad did just that! It engaged her mind in other things and for that, I am SO incredibly grateful. Currently, because she is immunocompromised, her iPad is an invaluable tool helping her to keep up with her classwork while she is being homeschooled! Thank you!!!

- Lindsay Pitre

As you can plainly see Emmett is loving his new iPad! He loves watching Bluey, playing games, FaceTiming friends and family, and he can do his school work on it! He loves it and we can’t thank you all enough! It has made this journey easier 

You all are such a great foundation to spread the light to those who are in need!

- Joycelyn Richards

Hello, thank you Miracle at Manchester Foundation so much!!! James is really enjoying his new Apple iPad and is extremely excited about the games he is playing on it and the learning apps!

- Brandy

Our son Logan was originally diagnosed with what was believed to be Osteosarcoma in November 2022. He went through several rounds of MAP chemotherapy before his tumor was removed with clear margins in January 2023. Soon after surgery we were told that additional testing was completed on his tumor and that his diagnosis had changed from osteosarcoma to an undifferentiated BCOR sarcoma with an ITD mutation. This is an extremely rare cancer that used to be classified under Ewing’s Sarcoma but has only recently been put in a class of its own. Being re-diagnosed 1/3 of the way through treatment was tough but we all knew we had to move forward with an attitude of gratitude.

Once we received the new treatment plan, we were told that Logan would need to be in the hospital getting treatment for 5 days and would be released on the 6th day. This was a big change for Logan as his treatments before were shorter stays. Not only were the stays longer, but Logan would also get a fever and need to go back to the hospital 4-5 days after each chemo cycle.

Logan was given an iPad from the Miracle at Manchester Foundation during one of our clinic check-ups. This was a gift of a lifetime for Logan as he was starting to spend more time at the hospital than our home.  With the iPad Logan was able to connect with his friends and his teachers during treatments through Facetime. He even started to play Roblox with his friends on the iPad while also Facetiming them which made it feel like his friends were in the room with him.  If Logan was in the hospital during school functions his teachers would Facetime him on the iPad to ensure he was included virtually.

Logan has never enjoyed being accessed through his port. The iPad has served as a great distraction during clinic visits when he needed his port accessed from chemo, blood draws and infusions. He would always bring his iPad with him on scans to help pass the time and ease the anxiety.

This gift of this iPad is truly valuable, for kids like Logan this is their connection to the outside world. This is their way to be able to feel normal when things aren’t so normal. This is how they can keep their mind at peace during times of uncertainty. This gift allows them to be kids. And to parents like me, allowing our kids to be kids during this process is priceless.

Thank you for making the world a brighter place for children going through cancer. Thank you for delivering smiles to their faces.

- -Rachel and Scott Stryker-

Helping enrich the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer.