Pediatric Brain Cancer Donation
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This page is dedicated to some of the true heroes in this world!

It takes a small village to care for these amazing “Angel Warriors” as we like to think of these children. From administrators and philanthropy individuals, to the back office people, to the Kitchen staff to the individuals that keep the hospitals and clinics clean.

Most of all, to the wonderful people who are on the front lines that care for the beautiful children and I am talking about the Oncology doctors and nurses! It takes a special kind of compassionate individual to care for these children because caring for these children pulls so hard on your heart. No one likes to see a child suffer, and their profession means they see that every single day they go to work. So we felt here at the Miracle at Manchester Foundation that these amazing professionals deserve their own page of recognition, because we know first hand how beautiful and wonderful these people are!

Bryce Newman

Helping enrich the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer.