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Bryce is the reason behind the Miracle at Manchester Foundation. Bryce was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma brain cancer at the age of 15 years old. A very promising career as a baseball player was cut short, because of brain cancer. During Bryce’s treatment he never gave up hope and his philanthropic endeavors were born during his treatment for brain cancer. While completing his high school on time, even after missing an entire year of school, Bryce had this desire to try and help others. In 3 years, Bryce raised over $50,000 for Pediatric Brain Cancer research and Breast Cancer research by selling t-shirts outside of his high school. But Bryce knew he needed to do more for the children that he saw battling cancer as he did, which is when he came up with the idea of giving Apple iPads to children that are newly diagnosed with cancer. Bryce wanted to be the face of a charity designed to show children that are fighting for their lives against cancer, that people do care about what they are going through and they are loved.

Bryce earned his BA in Communication with a minor in Sports Management from UCSB in the Spring 2022. He is currently in his second year at Texas A&M where he is pursuing his masters degree in Sports Management. Bryce’s love of sports, and baseball in particular, is on display as he is a Student Manager for the Aggies baseball team along with Student Manager for Olympic Sports at Texas A&M. Bryce is working hard to pay it forward for this children fighting cancer that he likes to think of them as “Angel Warriors” and determined to show these amazing children with cancer, and the world, that he is not only surviving but thriving!

Helping enrich the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer.