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Successful movie premiere at the Grand Theatre!

The movie “Miracle at Manchester” had a very successful theatrical release with standing room only for all 8 showings for the weekend. At the premiere on Friday, Jan 27th., The Miracle at Manchester Foundation was proud to announce the first two hospital collaborations of many, many more to come. The Miracle at Manchester Foundation has agreed to supply 150 Apple iPads to Ochsner Hospital of New Orleans and Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.

Wow, what a disaster the Foundation had because Apple was not getting us the iPads we ordered. But we were able to get around the shipping issues we encountered with Apple because of the caring souls we dealt with there. This helped us avoid an unmitigated disaster. Fortunately, the rain didn’t dampen things but almost forced Bryce to miss the first showing as he was driving in from Texas A&M. We had a contingency plan of having Rick Newman hand the iPads out. However, with less than 5 minutes to spare, Bryce made it in time and handed Apple iPads to Natalie Hooks. There were absolutely no issues handing the iPads to Dr. Craig Lotterman and Bryce truly enjoyed talking baseball with a fellow baseball junkie.

Look at what your generosity and compassion have accomplished. Look at the smile on this beautiful young girl’s face as she was given an Apple iPad this morning. This could not have been accomplished without your generosity. Stay tuned for many more pictures to be posted soon from the iPads we delivered this weekend.

Please help us continue to put smiles on these children’s faces with your ongoing support and generosity. With your help, if we can take their minds off their real life and death challenges for just 10 minutes while they are playing a game on their iPad, it would be worth it. Our generous donor continues to match dollar for dollar, so please donate today. We want to put more smiles on more faces, but we can’t do that without you.

Thank you again for your support. We will continue to post pictures of these adorable children holding the iPads that you helped them receive.
God Bless, The Miracle at Manchester Foundation

Helping enrich the lives of children suffering from pediatric cancer.